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Meet Marvin H. Jeter, III, Ph.D.

        “I thought Marvin was smart enough to know better.” These were the words of my grandfather, an educator, upon hearing that I had chosen a career in education administration. Indeed, I watched him, my grandmother-librarian, my mother and three aunts - all teachers, holding a multitude of educational positions over their lifetimes. In my youthful wisdom, I was sure that this was not for me, and I ran from my legacy as fast and as hard as possible. However, after two years in pre-medical studies; after earning a degree in radio, television and film; after owning and managing a picture frame shop and floral design service for six years; and after declining an offer to become a partner in an interior design business in Beverly Hills, I finally chose to pursue the career that was so obvious for my background. I also married Brenda Burris Jeter, an educator who encouraged, redirected, and taught me to be compassionate and to believe in the very real potential of every student.

    Education Administration – 20 years of experience

            Assistant Superintendent of School Innovations

            Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning

            Director of Professional Development

            Director of School Improvement

            State Agency Coordinator

            High School Principal

            Director of High School Magnet Curriculum

            K-12 Principal

    Teaching K-20 – 24 years of experience


High School

            Community College

            University Graduate Programs

    Retail Management – 15 years of experience

While one of my strongest beliefs is that not a single teacher in my background knew what I would need to know to succeed in the twenty-first century, almost all of my teachers contributed to building in me a high level of self-confidence and to fostering skills of higher-order thinking. When combined, these abilities will allow me to succeed in any endeavor. As educators in a world that is doubling in information every thirty minutes, we must build the same skills in our learners of today so that they may succeed as the leaders of tomorrow. I guess I would have to answer my grandfather by saying that “Indeed, I was smart enough to know better,” but called to do none other than to live the legacy of being a strong leader in education promoting discipline, knowledge and children. In the simplest words of Whitney Houston, “the children are our future,” and we must “teach them well and let them lead the way” because they are our legacy.

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